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Spring Time Short

You may think of short hairstyles as being made just for summer, but curly cuts like mohawks and bobs are bold style choices that can work in any season. And while many women are attached to wearing their hair long, or fear they’ll look boyish after going under the scissors, shorter cuts are the most versatile and effective in highlighting features and complimenting different face shapes. Curly styles in particular will keep your short hair looking thick and bouncy, while showing off multidimensional color and projecting a glamorous vibe that straight styles can’t compete with. Whether you’re interested in wearing your hair all natural or using extensions to pump up your look, short is the new black.
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Natural Oils Work

Certain individuals have difficulty finding oils that don’t give their head of hair the appearance of being dunked in a grease fryer. Even considering your hair’s density, porosity and width, the things that work for one curl may not work with the other. Although it’s tempting to simply do away with best hair oils for hair altogether, frizzy hair needs help combating dryness, especially after cleansing.

Cleansing hair and scalp without restoring moisture balance may cause your scalp and hair to dry up. Stripping your skin or scalp of the natural oils can cause other problems too. An ideal example is your face. My skin completely cleared of mild acne once i started moisturizing my face. I wasn’t aware that washing my face without moisture reinforcement was causing my skin causing more acne problems. Your scalp isn’t any different. Although olive oil and using castor oil are heavy oils that are popular within the naturally curly hair community, there are many highly beneficial light
oils which you can use for healthy hair.

Here are 10 oils that will help jumpstart your hair from tip to root.

  1. Coconut Oil
  2. Argan Oil
  3. Almond Oil
  4. Avocado Oil
  5. Essential olive oil
  6. Lavender Oil
  7. Jojoba Oil
  8. Almond Oil
  9. Rosemary Oil
  10. Emu Oil

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