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Stay Cool, Stay Up

Notice the temperature lately? It is getting warmer. Sometimes, the easiest way to alleviate the heat is to simply get creative and find a clever way to pin your hair up. […]


Spring Time Short

You may think of short hairstyles as being made just for summer, but curly cuts like mohawks and bobs are bold style choices that can work in any season. And […]


How to Contain the Curl

“I could create some long explanation on how I maintain my curls but truth is, it could be summed up in three words. As I am!” – Jessica Nater from […]


Twisted Simple

Twists are a great way to get a gorgeous style that can be worn for an extended period of time without putting in a lot of effort. Getting the look involves twisting strands […]


Dynamic Creations

As a premiere hair salon in Melbourne, Florida, we value your style the most. We are looking for brave individuals looking to share their tips & tools to stay healthy and […]

Featured, Haircare

Natural Oils Work

Certain individuals have difficulty finding oils that don’t give their head of hair the appearance of being dunked in a grease fryer. Even considering your hair’s density, porosity and width, […]


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